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Plus-Size Boots: Wide-Calf & Wide Widths
How to Measure for the Perfect Fit When You Order



Boot season is almost here and every fashionista is bound to want a pair.... or three to complete her stylish outfits.  Plus-size boots are still difficult to find in most towns and neighborhoods, but catalogs and on-line retailers recognize the demand and are beginning to cater to wider calves.

So, shopping can be a little trickier if you can't try on six pairs of boots in the store first before making purchase. 

Here are some tips for finding the perfect pair of wide calf boots and guarantee a good fit, right at the time of order!

1. Know your own calf measurement:

If you are to make sure that you can find a wide calf boot that fits you, you must know your own measurements first.  The measurement you need to have is the fullest part of your calf.

The easiest way to figure this out is to use a flexible measuring tape used by seamstresses. This inexpensive item can often be bought in the notions section of the supermarket, the sewing section of stores like Walmart and of course, sewing stores.

Don't have a measuring tape?  Take a piece of string and measure the widest part of the calf. Mark just where the end overlaps. Stretch it out against a ruler or yardstick.

2. Look for calf measurements in the boot descriptions:

 If the description states "wide calf boots" or "plus-size boots", always look for an actual shaft measurement.  The term "wide calf" covers a range of sizes beginning at a mere 15 inches in circumference all the way up to 23 inches around in super wide calf styles.

Your boots should fit snuggly around the calf, without cutting off circulation. If a measurement is not stated, do not assume that it will fit you. If a boot width is "wide" or "extra wide", do not assume that this also means that the boot shaft will be wider also.  Some are, some aren't. 

Unless the description specifically states that wider widths include a wider boot shaft chances are it won't fit you right.  Some boot shafts also gradually enlarge with shoe size. But again, this cannot be assumed. Always look for exact boot shaft measurements and compare them to your own measurements. They should be close.

3. Tips & Tricks:

Need to get an extra few centimeters? Some styles have a little more give than others. Look for lacing, side and back stretch gores, and stretch styles.  If your calf size is in the 15-16 inch range you should be able to wear stretch boots comfortably.  If your calves are wider, this style will not be comfortable and will feel too tight. Lacing offers the most comfortable option, but be careful that it won't leave gaps. Those with 15 inch calves should be able to wear lace up boots with regular width shafts successfully, while wider calves shouldn't rely on this feature in a non-wide calf style. Side zippers also make getting boots on and off much easier, especially for curvier calves.


The best places to shop for wide-calf and wide-width boots are mainly on-line. Both genuine leather and faux leather styles are generally available.

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