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Plus-size Fashion Show Review:
Dangerous Curves.... on Broadway!
A DeVoe Signature Event
NYC, June 26, 2005


On one of the hottest days of June I stepped out of my taxi cab onto the corner of Broadway and Houston in New York City. "Too hot," I grumbled to myself, remembering one of my least favorite aspects of New York summer living as a bead of perspiration trickled down my forehead. I'd already had a heat related wardrobe disaster occur earlier in the day requiring a frantic shopping trip half an hour before the show, designer clothing ruined. Making a mental note to myself to avoid all summer appointments in The City in the future, I began to look around for my destination. There it was - easily marked by the long line of curvy women eagerly waiting outside a discrete door. I heard a curious passerby ask what was going on, and a proud reply "A Plus-size fashion show," as I jostled my way to the front clutching my VIP pass to escape the heat. Almost fully wilted by the humid temperatures now, I wove through the crowd in the lobby toward the elevator and up I went.

Air conditioning at last.

A smiling and gracious usher named Rosie led us to our reserved seats, handed us a packet full of information on the designers and waved a woman carrying drinks our direction. I gratefully procured a bottle of water. As I settled in, I began to take in my surroundings: gleaming hardwood floors, an artistic mural, a long narrow room. We were clearly seated in a dance studio. Perfect. Chairs were arranged on either side of the runway with artfully draped billowing white fabric on one end. As more people filed in, tuxedoed wait staff began to circulate with trays of drinks and nibbles. "Gwen [DeVoe] has really outdone herself this time," I thought to myself as I began to thumb through the information provided on the designers and appreciated the elegant ambiance. My earlier irritation with the weather and the city began to slip away in anticipation of the show that was about to unfold.

Plus Model, Mia Amber
Bathing Suit & Matching Cover Up
Plus Model: Mia Amber
Designer: Jewel Shannon

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Not the weather this time. Hot! The models. Hot! The fashion. Hot! The guests.

One of the things I have always enjoyed and appreciated about the Dangerous Curves shows is that plus models with real curves sashay down that runway and look absolutely gorgeous doing it. They prove that fashion cut properly for full-figured women looks best modeled on the bodies it is meant to adorn. None of this mainstream fashion world nonsense that considers a six foot tall, size 10 model "plus". If models with decent curves don't look good in the clothes there is something wrong with the cut and the design, not the body it is draping. And these shows, along with a handful of retailers and designers, prove the point.

I've always admired DeVoe Signature Events for standing up to the fashion world "norm" while operating in the very bosom of said fashion world. Based in New York City there is no insulation from the attitudes and media messages emanating from Madison Avenue, the out of touch fantasy worlds of the high profile fashion magazines, and the upper class snobbery catered to by elitist design houses that advocates thinness above all else. Yet, they are breaking the accepted and prevailing aesthetic and bringing curvaceous fashion to a New York runway in trendy SOHO with heads held high and fabulous results. Many would not dare, even call it madness. I call it strength and vision.

Gathered to watch these lovely butterflies emerging from the billowing white chrysalis were many plus fashion notables. There was the Vice President of alight, Deb Malkin, seated near the prominent and gracious industry leader, Catherine Schuller. There was the Marketing Director of Ashley Stewart, Tia Jackson. There were representatives from internet mags Bombshell Magazine, Entertainment Industry Magazine and Venus Divas. Theresa Flatts from Tropical Divas, a plus runway show coordinator in the Richmond, Virginia area joined Jennene Biggins of the pioneering Voluptuous Woman Company in representing the out-of-towners. The founders of Panache Publications, Curvy Divas, and Big Girls Make It rubbed shoulders with popular plus model Lisa Scott (Goddess Agency) and Carmen Estremera, the reigning Ms. Latina New York. The current Miss America Plus, Erica Collins, supported the show by strutting her stuff down the runway.     (Continued on Next Page)


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