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Plus Size Floral Dress, Daisy Malone
Floral Dress
Plus Model: Lissa
Designer: Daisy Malone

Daisy Malone Collection

The Dangerous Curves show marked the debut of Daisy Malone's designer collection for plus-sizes.

Styles ranged from sweet to glamorous. While everything was wearable and well put together, it lacked a sense of a unified collection which somewhat belies the name.  Some pieces weren't  far from the voluminous shapeless numbers we all wish plus-sizes would get away from, while others were sassily body conscious.   A cotton peasant dress was the epitome of summer innocence in white with bands of embroidery on a darker ground, in contrast to a stark, modern black constructed pant suit.  My favorite number was a cream lace tunic and pant set with a flattering high waist sash... very elegant, and a little bit different from the other fashions shown during the day.

Prices of Garments Shown: $89-$250

Plus-Size Evening Ensemble
Evening Pant Ensemble
Plus Model: Madeline
Designer: Zaftique,


This California plus exclusive design house came under new ownership in 2006and is revamping its image. Styles are moving toward a contemporary to trendy edge, although classics are still included as Zaftique changes direction and is struggling to find a clear, unified vision and a new customer base.

As a last minute addition to the show, this is another designer that lacked the feeling of a unified collection in presentation.  A casual denim skirt outfit was juxtaposed to wild lace club pants paired with a marabou trimmed jacket, highlighting Zaftique's current split personality.  Instead of trying to please everyone, they would do well to find a single design philosophy and audience and put more forethought into line ups sent to fashion shows. 

That having been said, Zaftique is one to watch. They have generous sizing up to 6X and, although not shown at Dangerous Curves, have some notable designs that are on point.

Prices of Garments Shown: $39-65

Plus Size Designer Knitwear
Knit Skirt Ensemble
Plus Model: Shante
Designer: Michi Designer Knitwear

Michi Designer Knitwear

Michele Walden, the designer behind Michi Designer Knitwear, creates chic, easy to wear yet elegant one-of-a-kind and limited edition originals.  Many are knit by hand, while some are produced on a knitting machine.  Because these clothes are custom made, Michi can design an outfit that is exactly right for your body type and occasion.

She uses fine yarns from silk to mohair, linen to wool and select novelty yarns. Michi designs combine texture, color and construction creating sophisticated fashions that are easy to wear. Styles include off the shoulder, hip hugging and loose and breezy pieces. Many include her signature embellishments - cowry shells.

A gold kimono top paired with a flair hemmed skirt featured at Dangerous Curves, showed off the Michi construction techniques. Not simply shapeless knits, this outfit skimmed the body of the model working with the curves underneath to showcase them to perfection. 

Contact: Michele Walden, (Tel) 718-464-6719

Prices of Garments Shown: $60-$150

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