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JULY 26, 2016:

Whether your style is a little Sandra Dee and the Pink Ladies or punked out, bad girl Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad, satin bomber jackets are set to hit Fall 2016 as the must-have jacket of the season.

 High end runway divas will appreciate designer version in luxurious silk that mix as easily with slouch pants and gauchos for the office, as with jeans for weekends. 

Go simple, letting the subtle luster add a little daytime glam, or jazz it up with embroidery and patches.  Keep an eye out for sequin versions as we move toward the holiday season.


ElegantPlus.com Trend Tuesday: Ralph Lauren, Silk Satin Bomber Jacket, Size 14 - 22W

Let's Shop! Tuesday's Curvy Fashion Trend@ Elegant Plus

  • PRICE: $235.00


  • Fabric: Silk

  • SIZES: 14 - 22W

  • COLORS: Purple

  • COUPON: Free Shipping. See link for details.




ElegantPlus.com Trend Tuesday: Embroidered Satin Bomber Jacket, Size 14 - 24W

Let's Shop! Tuesday's Curvy Fashion Trend@ Elegant Plus

  • PRICE: $106.00

  • SIZES: 14 - 24W

  • COLORS: Black/Pink Multi



ElegantPlus.com Tuesday's Trend: Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad Satin Bomber Jacket, Size XL - 5X

Let's Shop! Tuesday's Curvy Fashion Trend@ Elegant Plus

  • PRICE: $88.90

  • SIZES: XL - 5X

  • COLORS: Red/Blue/Gold Multi



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