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Posted: July 16, 2017

Victorian Lace Blouse, Size 10 - 22W | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash; Subscribe at: http://eepurl.com/EvJgT

Wear with:

 Tassel Statement Earrings  | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash

Tassel Statement Earrings

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Nude Lace
Victorian High Neck Blouse
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While the bare shoulders and cut out style tops currently in fashion are not appropriate for many office environments, the more romantic femme feeling can still be added to your professional look. A sophisticated contemporary layering of neutrals in creams, nudes, whites, and golds plays with fine fabrics and vintage references to create a polished, transitional summer ensemble.   A nude lace blouse with graceful Victorian detailing can be worn alone or under a blazer.  Pair with cool, flowing white silk trousers that ooze polish and sophistication.  Finish with a combination of fashion right now, and fashion forward accessories.  Tassel statement earrings are the hottest style statement of the summer with their big, bold selfy-ready pop. Cool metallic baroque brocades are set to be a hit for Fall 2017.  Choose a pair of shoes in this luxe vintage slipper fabric updated in a modern platform oxford.  Comfy and stylish!



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