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Posted: August 13, 2017

Plum Purple Lace Trim Cami, Size 1X - 3X  | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash; Subscribe at: http://eepurl.com/EvJgT
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 LORAC, Pro Eyeshadow Palette & Primer | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash
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Pro Eyeshadow Palette & Primer

Beauty @ Nordstrom | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick

Rose Pink Crushed Velvet Kimono Jacket, Size 12 - 26W | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash

Crushed Velvet Kimono Jacket
Size 12 - 26W

Women's Fashion @ Ulla Popken |  Elegant Plus Editor's Pick

Lace Trim Cami
Size 1X - 3X

Plus-Size Tops @ Loralette


Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans, Size 14 - 24W | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash

Sam Edelman, Asian Print Jacquard Ballet Flats, Wide Width Available | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash
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Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans
Size 14 - 24W

Sam Edelman
Asian Jacquard Print Ballet Flats
Size 5 - 10 M, W

Plus-Size Fashion @ Dillard's | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Shoes @ Zappos | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick


Start with the richest hue of the season, plum, and layer on the luxurious textures, fabrics, and patterns trending for Fall 2017.   A touch of lace at the hem and neckline of a simple cami provides the base layer complemented by a fabulous crushed velvet kimono jacket in rosewood for monochromatic depth.  Pair with boyfriend jeans embroidered in the same palette shot with metallic gold threads.  Asian bird print jacquard ballet flats are a chic nod to one of the hottest trends of the year.  Finish with gorgeous eye looks straight from the pros.  


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