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Good Luck! Asian Crane Prints
Posted: June 25, 2017

Crane Print Kimono, Size XL - 3X | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash; Subscribe at: http://eepurl.com/EvJgT

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Crane Print Kimono Jacket
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Asian Floral & Crane Print
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Vintage bird prints have been trending for a year or so and with infusion of Asian influences it's only natural that traditional kimono crane prints would take a turn in the fashion spotlight.   A symbol of good luck and a long life, cranes were believed to live a thousand years!

A hallmark of BoHo aesthetics is pattern mixing, and we've picked two crane prints and a recycled fabric patchwork bag to do the work for you.  A classic Asian kimono jacket in a large bold print packs extra punch in vibrant red.  A simple silk tank top, and slim leg crop pants echo and complement in a smaller print and quieter neutral color palette.  Finish with a simple pair of leather lace up sandals for a look that is both casual and on trend.



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