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Posted: November 27, 2016

Cashmere V-Neck Cable Sweater, Size XS - 3X  | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash; Subscribe at: http://eepurl.com/EvJgT

Wear with:

 Roberto Cavalli, Rose Print Silk Scarf | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash

Roberto Cavalli
Rose Print Silk Scarf
68" x 26"

Designer Fashion & Accessories @ Last Call  | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick

Fleurette, Wool Blend Car Coat, Size 14 - 24W | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash

Wool Blend Car Coat
Size 14 - 24W

Women's Fashion @ Avenue | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick

Cable Knit
V-Neck Cashmere Sweater
Size XS - 3X
Avg - Petite

Women's Clothes @ Torrid


Karl Lagerfeld, Leather Panel Ankle Boots| ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash

Pink Straight Leg Jeans, Size 14 - 26W | ElegantPlus.com Fashion Flash

Karl Lagerfeld Paris
Leather Ankle Panel Boots
Size 5.5 - 10 M


Straight Leg Jeans
Size 14 - 26W
Avg - Petite - Tall


Shoes & Modcloth Women's Fashion @ Avenue | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick


Ooh la la, French pink and black!  And what better way to stay on trend in stylish sophistication than to choose luxurious pieces in natural fibers?  Start with a classic black v-neck cashmere sweater paired with simple straight leg pink jeans.  A Roberto Cavalli rose pink and black silk scarf gives the look pop.   Karl Lagerfeld leather panel ankle boots elevate your style to sophisticated French chic.  Finish with a tailored wool blend car coat for blustery winter weather.



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