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Plus-Size Clothing Internet Shopping Guides
>> Plus-Size Goth, Steampunk & Vintage Victoriana Fashion

Please be advised that all of the "Editor's Picks" featured in this section are hand-selected by Elegant Plus. Although every effort is made to keep featured products current, retailers can sell out of popular styles before the Editor has had an opportunity to update the page. All selections are available at time of posting and purchases can be made directly from the retailer on the associated shopping link. All of the shopping guides include designer selections which are noted with the designer's name in descriptions.

Last Update: March 13, 2017


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing @ ASOS Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Steampunk, Victorian & Goth Plus-Size Clothing @ Pyramid Collection Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus-Size Fashion @ Ashley Stewart
Tiered Tulle Skirt, Size 14 - 24W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick French Terry Military Jacket, Size 2 - 28W | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick, ElegantPlus.com Deep Bell Sleeve Blouse, Size 12 - 32W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Tiered Tulle Skirt
14 - 24W

French Terry Military Jacket
Size 6 - 28W

Deep Bell Sleeve Blouse
Size 12 - 32W

Loosely related but styled differently by the women who wear goth, steampunk and Lolita fashion, these styles find their roots in the vintage fashion of the Victorian era.  One of the best resources for unusual plus-size Goth, Lolita, & Steampunk finds is on eBay. There are many direct from manufacturer and custom made sellers there.  With Buy It Now options bidding often isn't necessary and payment is easy through Paypal.

Goth women can move more toward Medieval inspired silhouettes, rich fabrics such as velvet in blood red, purple, or black which are steeped in the ethos and romance of the Victorian Gothic horror novel and art of the Arthurian romantic Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The hallmark ethereal chiffons and lavish lace, along with rich brocades reminiscent of the European Baroque and deep velvets make this style easiest to shop for during the Holiday party season when these looks tend to go more mainstream.

Steampunk fashion, on the other hand, is more Jules Verne than Bram Stoker. It combines Victorian corsets and bustle skirts with invented gadgetry reflecting on the futuristic fantasy and promise of the Industrial Age.  Props, leather and boots mix with vintage watches, cogs and metal bits with women's looks borrowing freely from vintage men's styles of the Victorian age in forward thinking feminist style.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Trendy Plus-Size Fashion @ Eloquii Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus-Size Steampunk Clothing @ Hips & Curves Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing @ Coldwater Creek Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Footwear @ Zappos
Button Leg Crop Pants, Size 14 - 24W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Striped Victorian Bustle Skirt, Size 1X - 6X | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Ruffled Maxi Skirt, Size S- 3X | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available
Steve Madden, Rose Embroidered Velvet Booties  | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick, ElegantPlus.com
More Colors Available

Button Leg Crop Pants
14 - 24W

Striped Victorian
Bustle Skirt

Size 1X - 6X

Ruffled Maxi Skirt
Size S - 3X
Petite to XL

Steve Madden
Rose Embroidered
Velvet Booties
Size 6 - 10 M


Pyramid Collection carries Victoriana, Steampunk, and Goth inspired laces and velvets all year in sizes up to 28W, with a collection of unusual jewelry, shoes, and accessories to go with it.  The Titanic inspired fashion from upscale designer Nataya can be adapted by those skilled in the style and is a more luxurious option than most available for sizes up to 3X. 

Every now and again vintage specialist ModCloth will carry styles that can be adapted, but their main focus is mid twentieth century looks (Size S - 4X), while Unique Vintage offers more art deco and fifties swing styles in sizes S to 4X.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Romantic Style @ Bedford Fair Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Steampunk, Victorian & Goth Plus-Size Clothing @ Pyramid Collection Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Goth Plus-Size Fashion @ Torrid Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Fashion @ Dillard's
Heirloom Blouse, Size 6 - 24W |  ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available
Black Velvet Coat, Size 2 - 28W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Embroidered Flare Leg Pants, Size 10 - 30W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Vince Camuto, Button Front Bell Sleeve Shirt, Size 1X - 3X | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Heirloom Blouse
Size 6 - 24W
Petite to 16P

Black Velvet Coat
2 - 28W 

Burgundy Red
Embroidered Flares
10 - 30W 

Vince Camuto
Button Front
Bell Sleeve Shirt

Size 1
X - 3X


Lolita fashion takes English Victoriana and runs it through a Japanese style blender, sending often saccharine sweet, China Doll confections rooted in the innocence of a Brave New World back towards a now jaded, and slightly disenchanted West as escapist, fantasy world nostalgic for both childhood and bygone eras. This last permutation of Victoriana in modern style closets is perhaps the most difficult to find in larger sizes.

Plus specialty retailer Torrid has fewer Goth inspired styles than in the past, but the on-line collection offers more options along with looks inspired by Disney that play with both sweet and villainous storybook themes that can work well for Lolita looks in sizes to 6X.

Those looking for fierce leggings adapting the work of famous artists will want to check out Yizzam for sizes up to 4X.  Thigh high stockings and fishnets are regularly available from Hips & Curves in sizes up to 6X.  They are also an excellent resource for items such as bustles, bloomers, tulle skirts, and corsets.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus-Size Fashion @ Ashley Stewart Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus Size Fashion @ City Chic Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Fashion @ eSHakti Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Retro Vintage Style @ ModCloth
Black Faux Leather Military Overalls, Size 12 - 26W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Rose Embroidered Corset Dress, Size 14 - 24W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Bell Sleeve Dress, Size 0 -36W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available
Floral Print Maryjanes | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Faux Leather
Military Overalls
Size 12 - 26W

Rose Embroidered
Corset Dress

Size 14 - 24W

Bell Sleeve Dress
Size 0 - 36W

Avg - Petite - Tall

Floral Print Maryjanes
European Size 36 - 41


Thanks to the 2013 punk themed fashion exhibition at the heavily influential Metropolitan Museum of Art edgier, tougher looks are trending into the mainstream and can be found in retailers listed throughout our shopping directories at all levels and price points. This trend is expected to last for a couple of fashion cycles. 

Recent pop culture influences from television shows such as Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, and Downton Abby in recent years are mixing with dark super hero imagery, Star Wars fantasy costuming, and sumptuous live action fairytales on the big screen for a heavy vintage fantasy influence that resonates in the Victorian inspired style sphere.

Also trending in is a heavy bohemian influence which will make some pieces suitable to Goth and Lolita styles more readily available from mainstream retailers.  While colored laces are remaining strong style influencers with the vintage and retro trend of the last few years, black lace is also regularly surfacing throughout mainstream on-line catalogs.  More highly stylized pieces will still mainly be available from specialty retailers.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Steampunk, Victorian & Goth Plus-Size Clothing @ Pyramid Collection Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing @ Unique Vintage Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Jewelry @ Last Call Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Women's Clothes @ Macy's
Purple Ruffled Brocade Jacket, Size XS - 3X | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Black Velvet Wiggle Dress, Size 1X - 3X | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Floral Lace Choker Necklace | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Striped Bell Sleeve Blouse, Size XL - 3X | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Ruffled Brocade Jacket
Size XS - 3X 


Black Velvet
Wiggle Dress

1X - 3X


Floral Lace
Choker Necklace

Striped Bell Sleeve Blouse
Size XL - 3X




Myth, Magick, Fantasy & Romance

Exclusively for Goddesses Size 0 to 28W

Save Up to 60%
at the On-Line Outlet




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