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Plus-Size Sweater Trends & Editor's Picks

Plus-Size Sweaters & Shrugs Report
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Plus-size sweaters are in demand all year. Worn for warmth in the cooler months over casual, work clothing, and even occasion wear, they play an important  role in many plus wardrobes in warmer months too.  Full-figured women frequently like extra arm coverage.  Since arm-holes are still a major fit issue in many woven tops, the combination of sleeveless tops, shells and dresses, layered under a knit sweater topper, cardigan, or shrug is a common fashion solution for many women.

Cardigans and shrugs are the most popular sweater category in all age groups with more classic to modern contemporary styles still favored by career women who sometime wear them instead of a blazer or jacket. Classic, cashmere sweaters are particularly popular with this group in fall or winter offices.  Trendier and more style specific sweaters are more often used in casual looks with jeans, although moving into the workplace in younger generations and within some ethnic demographics that trend towards more body conscious and trendy styles.

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Dolman Cardigan, Size S - 3X | Editor's Pick

Chenille Turtleneck Tunic, Plus-Size 12 - 38W| Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Zipper Trim Cowl Sweater, Size 12 - 26W| Editor's Pick

More Colors Available

Metallic Finish Red Faux Wrap Sweater, Plus-Size 1X - 3X | Editor's Pick

Dolman Cardigan
Size S - 3X


Chenille Turtleneck
Size 12 - 38W


Zipper Trim Cowl Sweater
Size 12 - 26W

Metallic Finish
Faux Wrap Sweater

Size 1X - 3X

Shorter shrug styles are worn most commonly with dresses, with some younger trend-setters pairing them with casual jeans.  Tunic length sweaters are popular with leggings, flowing BoHo sweater and topper styles, and with women who like extra coverage.

Cashmere is considered one of the most luxurious natural fibers, and sweaters made of this ultra-soft wool are much in demand, in addition to a popular gift during the Christmas season.  Plus-size cashmere sweaters can still be difficult to find, but are slowly becoming more available in a wider variety of styles in sizes up to 3X. Other more unusual natural fibers such as linen, silk, and pima cotton are increasingly available in larger sizes, as well.

Finally: holiday sweaters are a Christmas gift-giving classic in many families.  Some are cute with novelty motifs and many sparkles and sequins, while others have more subtle.

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Cable Cardigan, Size S - 3X | Editor's Pick

Buffalo Plaid Sweater Duster, Plus-Size 1X - 3X | Editor's Pick

Argyle Pullover Sweater, Plus-Size 1X - 3X | Editor's Pick

Color Block Tunic, Plus-Size 14 - 32W | Editor's Pick

Cable Cardigan
Size S - 3X


Buffalo Plaid Sweater Duster
Size 1X - 3X


Argyle Pullover Sweater
Size 1X - 3X

Color Block Tunic
Size 14 - 32W

Internet Shopping Resources for Plus-Size Sweaters

Sweaters and cardigans are available from a majority of the retailers listed throughout our shopping directories, depending on your needs, style, and budget.

Some of the deepest and most diverse inventories of plus-size sweaters available all year can be found with some of the cataloguers.  Lands' End is particularly good for those who appreciate quality, natural fibers in classic to contemporary styles at moderate prices.  Sizes are available from 2 to 26W, with petite and tall options many times available up to size 18.  Willow Ridge collates the plus-size collections from an entire catalog group, and consequently offers a large inventory, most of which is modestly priced.   Monroe & Main carries trendy, BoHo, and contemporary looks all year in some particularly hard-to-find styles in plus. Their entire inventory is offered in sizes S to 3X.

The home shopping channel QVC offers one of the largest and most diverse collections of sweaters available on-line.  Choices range from high end natural fibers such as cashmere and fine, Irish wool to trendy and novelty styles.  Many selections are available on payment plans, bringing options down into more budgets.  For holiday sweaters ranging from Valentine's Day to Christmas, look for the Quacker Factory brand.  Most of the styles and brands at QVC are available through size 3X which is a generous 28W there.

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Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing @ Torrid

Fringed Blanket Sweater Duster, Size S - 3X | Editor's Pick

Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, Plus-Size 1X - 3X| Editor's Pick

Cotton Nordic Pattern Cardigan, Size S - 3X| Editor's Pick

Union Jack Heart Sweater, Plus-Size XL - 5X  | Editor's Pick

Fringed Sweater Duster
Size S - 3X


Cashmere Turtleneck
Size 1X - 3X


Cotton Nordic Pattern Cardigan
Size S - 3X
Petite to XL

Union Jack Heart Sweater
Size XL - 5X

Of the department stores the best all year around plus-size collections can be found at Macy's where prices are moderate and sales frequent, and Nordstrom where labels tend to be slightly more upscale but not luxury level.  Lord & Taylor often has a more unique and striking collection of sweaters designed for full-figured women by their in-house label. Neiman Marcus Last Call is often a particularly good resource for luxury and designer sweaters, especially cashmere, at a fraction of full retail price.   For those with tighter budgets, the selection at JC Penney has a classic to contemporary feel and is usually quite deep all year.

Super size women will find moderately priced options with a large inventory from which to choose at Avenue which frequently offers sizes up to 32W.  Torrid carries trendier options to 5X.  Meanwhile, Old Navy has an on-line only plus-size collection available from 1X to 4X.

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