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Elegant Plus Shopping Guide & Editor's Picks:  Special Occasion, Evening & Church Suits in Size 12 +

All Editor's Picks clothing featured is hand- selected by the Elegant Plus Fashion Editor from our extensive network of fashion business partnerships. Options available in all size ranges, although we specialize in hard-to-find sizes 12 and over.  Hand selected plus size special occasion suits appropriate for church, dinners, holidays, weddings and evening events chosen especially for women sizes 12+.Particularly popular for Easter, Mothers of the Bride, and Sunday Best.



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Asymmetric Collar Peplum Evening Suit, Size 6 - 26W | Editor's Pick
Size 6 - 26W

Rhinestone Trim Skirt Suit, Size 10 - 26W | Editor's Picks

Designer: Theia, Satin Sheath Dress & Matching Overcoat | Editor's Pick
Dress & Coat Sold Separately

Peplum Jacket & Skirt Evening Ensemble, Plus-Size 1X - 3X  | Church & Evening Suit Editor's Pick
Jacket & Skirt Sold Separately

 Ashro Inc

Rhinestone Skirt Suit
Size 10 - 26W

Satin Sheath Dress
& Matching Overcoat
Size 0 - 16

 Peplum Jacket & Skirt Ensemble
Size 1X - 3X

Plus-Size Church & Evening Suit Report
[Shopping Resources and More Editor's Picks Below]

Church and evening suits have a more formal and often feminine flavor than career skirt suits meant for the working world. Consequently a wider range of colors -- from rich jewel tones to light pastels -- are often available and embellishments are frequent.  Fabrics are often dressier including brocade, taffeta, and chiffon. Embellishments including metallic threads, rhinestones, sequins, and beads are also common.   A few options are evening and special occasion pant suits, with evening jumpsuits also making an appearance from time to time when trends bring them into style.

Because this category is often worn for religious events skirt lengths tend to be more modest and pant legs wider than trendy suits, usually falling just past the knee or longer. Some jacket dresses and other types of social dresses have similar styles and function.

A popular option for mother-of-the-bride dresses and other wedding guests, social suits are also an option for office and work related cocktail parties, in addition to special occasions like Easter Sunday and Mother's Day Brunch.  Some devout Jewish groups also wear fancy skirt suits to synagogue for the Sabbath services and religious holidays.


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Embellished Suit, Sizes 10-26W | Special Occasion & Church Suit Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Satin Trim Skirt Suit, Size 10 -26W | Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

 Special Occasion Suit, Sizes 10-22W | Editor's Pick

Silk Crochet Jacket Dress, Plus-Size 1X - 3X  | Editor's Pick

Embellished Suit
Size 10 - 26W

Satin Trim Skirt Suit
Size 10 - 26W

Special Occasion Suit
Size 10 - 22W

Silk Crochet Jacket Dress
Size 1X - 3X


Shopping Resources for Plus-Size Evening and Special Occasion Suits

Still traditionally worn for special occasions by devout church goers in the Southern parts of the United States, several retailers catering to predominantly African-American shoppers regularly stock especially good inventories.  Endorsed by Oprah, one of the best is Women's Suits which offers upscale designer options from names such as Lisa Renn and Donna Vinca in size 10 to 24W. 

Another catalog that has an especially good inventory all year, including coordinating hats to go with the the suits is Ashro in size 6 to 26W.  Styles can be extravagant and embellished, or ultra-chic with white along with bright colors and pastels.

Of the department stores Dillard's and Macy's offer the most special occasion jacket dress styles that often have the feel of an evening suit in size 14 to 24W.  Those looking for expensive, high end designer labels are most likely to find options at Neiman Marcus in size 0 to 16.  Meanwhile Nordstrom offers some luxury jacket dresses from labels such as Soul Mates and Komarov that are appropriate for church and special holiday occasion wear in size 1X to 3X.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus Size Dresses @ Catherines

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus Size Alex Evenings @ alight

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Fashion @ Midnight Velvet

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing @ Macy's

Beaded Evening Jacket Dress, Sizes XL-5X | Editor's Pick

Lace Jacket Dress, Plus-Size 14 - 24W | Special Occasion Suit Editor's Pick

More Colors Available

Slubbed Silk Suit, Size 6 - 24W | Editor's Pick

Cropped Jacket Dress, Plus-Size 14-24W | Editor's Pick
Jacket & Dress Sold Separately

Beaded Evening Jacket Dress
Size XL - 5X

Lace Jacket Dress
Size 14 - 24W

Slubbed Silk Suit
Size 6 - 22W

Cropped Jacket Dress
Size 14 - 24W


Several moderately priced catalogs offer skirt suits in colors with embroidery and embellishments, in addition to design details such as flounces and peplums, that often have many options.  Midnight Velvet and Monroe and Main have the most stylish options for women who enjoy sophisticated contemporary style.  It is often possible to find taffeta, brocade, lace, and softer chiffon options in size 6 to 24W.  Some have vintage vibe, giving them a more romantic evening or special occasion feel appropriate for wedding guests, mother-of-the bride, and evening social events for work.

Draper's & Damon's is popular with sophisticated, mature women and carries a good selection of evening separates that combine to create evening pant and skirt suits in size 6 to 26W.   Plus super retailer alight has a deep collection of Alex Evening separates that work similarly, including jacket dresses, chiffon palazzo pants and long evening skirts, and evening twin sets in size 14 to 24W. 

Less formal, and good for day and church events, are the suits at Old Pueblo Traders in size 8 to 28W.  For full-figured women needing extended plus-sizes, Ulla Popken is the place to stop for best jacket dresses and pant suits in size 12 to 38W.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Fashion @ Ashro

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus-Size Clothes @ Ulla Popken

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Special Occasion Clothing @ Draper's & Damon's

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Contemporary Fashion @ Monroe & Main

Lace Skirt Suit, Sizes 6-26W | Editor's Pick

Beaded Pant Suit, Size 12 - 34W | Editors Pick

Evening Pant Set, Size S-3X | Editor's Pick
Top and Bottom Sold Separately

Jacquard Suit, Size 6 - 24W | Editor's Pick

Lace Skirt Suit
Size 6 - 26W

Beaded Pant Suit
Size 12 - 32W

Evening Pant Set
Size S - 3X
Petite to XL

Jacquard Suit
Size 6 - 24W

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