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Your Favorite Internet Shopping Guide to Stylish Plus-Size Clothing: Size 12 +

Plus-Size Clothing Internet Shopping Guides >> Plus-Size Jacket Dresses

Elegant Plus Shopping Guides &  Editor's Picks:  Jacket Dresses in Size 12 +

Please be advised that all of the "Editor's Picks" featured in this section are hand-selected by Elegant Plus.  Although every effort is made to keep featured products current, retailers can sell out of popular styles before the Editor has had an opportunity to update the page.  All selections are available at time of posting and purchases can be made directly from the retailer on the associated shopping link.  All of the shopping guides include designer selections which are noted with the designer's name in descriptions.


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Last Update: October 19, 2015



Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus Size Dresses @ Catherines

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Dresses @ Willow Ridge Catalog

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus Size Dresses @ Dress Barn

Tiered Chiffon Jacket Dress, Size 14 - 24W | Editor's Pick
More Colors Available
Size 14 - 24W

Sweater Dress, Size XL - 4X | Editor's Pick

Bead Trim Knit Jacket Dress, Size 6 - 24W | Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Metallic Duster Dress, Size 4 - 24W | Editor's Pick

Dillards Inc.

Sweater Dress
Size XL - 4X

Bead Trim Knit Jacket Dress
Size 6 - 24W

  Metallic Duster Dress
Size 4 - 24W

Plus-Size Jacket Dress Report

Plus-size women of all ages often want more arm coverage than sleeveless or strapless style dresses offer, consequently jacket dresses and dresses with sleeves are popular, regardless of style or occasion.  As a result, plus-size jacket dresses are available in both youthful and more mature styles, as special occasion wear and as an alternative to suits as career clothing. Formalwear is getting less bare with many fashion forward trends including sleeves or a jacket.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus Size Clothing @ Bon Ton

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Women's Fashion @ Lord & Taylor

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing @ Serengeti

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Dresses @ Old Pueblo Traders

Paisley Jacket Dress, Size 16 -24W | Editor's Pick

Lace Jacket Dress, Sizes 14-22W | Editor's Pick

Zebra Print Shrug Dress, Size S - 3X | Editor's Pick

Color Block  Dress, Size 8 - 26W | Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Paisley Jacket Dress
Size 16 - 24W

Lace Jacket Dress
Size 14 - 22W

Zebra Stripe Shrug Set
Size S - 3X

Color Block Dress
Size 8 - 26W
Petite to 20P


While layering a cardigan sweater or blazer over a sleeveless or short sleeved dress as separates is a frequent strategy, matched and coordinated sets are still in demand especially for work places where skirt suits are worn and for special occasions when church and evening suits are also appropriate choices, such as when attending a wedding as a guest or mother-of-the bride.  

The selections below reflect the diversity in occasions that women choose jacket dresses. On the one hand, work appropriate styles often include sheath dress styling, menswear patterns, strong power or neutral, conservative colors.  On the other, special occasion dresses chosen for events such as weddings, Mother's Day, Easter, or school graduations are available in softer, dressier fabrics with less structured styling.  Day dress styles can also use more casual fabrics such as knits or denim.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus Size Dresses @ Nordstrom

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Women's Clothing @ Ashro

Let's Shop! Plus Size Dresses @ Amazon

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Women's Clothing @ Macy's

Navy Beaded Occasion Dress Set, Plus-Size 14 - 24W | Editor's Pick

Coat Dress Ensemble, Size 6 - 26W | Editor's Pick

Navy Bolero Gown, Size 14 - 22W | Editor's Pick

Crepe Lace Sleeve Jacket Dress, Size 14- 24W | Editor's Pick

Navy Beaded Occasion Set
Size 14 - 24W

Coat Dress Ensemble
Size 6 - 26W

Navy Bead Trim
Bolero Gown

Size 14 - 22W

Lace Sleeve Jacket Dress
Size 14 - 24W

Internet Shopping Resources for Plus-Size Jacket Dresses

For day dresses, some of the cataloguers have the best selection.  Blair and Old Pueblo Traders offer moderately priced options with both soft cardigan style toppers and more structured jackets.  Solids and prints are played with in wearable styles in size 8 to 26W.  Monroe & Main has a modern, contemporary edge that can be both sleekly chic or soft and feminine in their selection with many styles that can be worn to work in size 6 to 24W. 

Ashro has one of the deepest selections of special occasion skirt suits and jacket dresses for size 6 to 26W, with a few styles appropriate for work.  White special occasion jacket dresses and skirt suits are a specialty here.

JC Penney carries a wide selection of jacket dresses styles suitable for both day and work wear, in addition to special occasion styles for evening events. Dress Barn has a similar mix at moderate price points. Draper's & Damon's mainly has special occasion and evening styles, with a few day dress options with a career edge in size 6 to 26W.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Plus-Size Dresses @ Avenue

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing @ Monroe & Main

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus Size Dresses @ Appleseed's

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus Size Dresses @ QVC

Abstract Plaid Jacket  Dress, Plus-Size 14 - 32W| Editor's Pick

Metallic Silver, Size 6 - 24W | Editor's Pick

Tailored Jacket Dress, Size 6 - 24W | Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Jersey Knit Duster Dress, Size 0 - 28W| Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Abstract Plaid Jacket Dress
Size 14 - 32W

Metallic Silver
Occasion Dress
Size 6 - 24W

Tailored Jacket Dress
Size 6 - 24W
Petite to 18P

Jersey Knit Duster Dress
Size 0 - 28W
Avg & Petite


Dillard's is known for their particularly deep collection of cocktail and evening dresses with sleeves and jackets in sizes up to 24W.  Nordstrom also regularly carries special occasion options, while Macy's tends to have more day dress and career style options. 

Avenue regularly offers softer two piece styles suitable for work in size 14 to 32W, while Ulla Popken is the most reliable source for special occasion duster dresses in size12 to 34W.  Catherine's offers a mixture of day dress and special occasion styles for sizes XL to 5X.  Meanwhile, Amazon has one of the deepest collections available on the internet with offerings for both occasions and office wear in sizes up to 34W.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus-Size Dresses @ Coldwater Creek

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Women's Clothing @ Draper's & Damon's

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Fashion @ Nordstrom

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Women's Clothing @ Midnight Velvet

Fringed Duster Dress, Size 6 - 24W | Editor's Pick

Champagne Lace Jacket Dress, Size 8-22W | Editor's Pick

Lace Sheath & Topper, Plus-Size 14 - 24W| Editor's Pick

Pearl Trim Jacket Dress, Size 6-24W | Editor's Pick

Fringed Duster Dress
Size 6 - 22W

Champagne Lace
Size 8 - 22W

Lace Sheath & Topper
Size 14 - 24W

Pearl Trim Collar
 Jacket Dress

Size 6 - 24W

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