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Please be advised that all of the "Editor's Picks" featured in this section are hand-selected by Elegant Plus. Although every effort is made to keep featured products current, retailers can sell out of popular styles before the Editor has had an opportunity to update the page. All selections are available at time of posting and purchases can be made directly from the retailer on the associated shopping link. All of the shopping guides include designer selections which are noted with the designer's name in descriptions.

Last Update: December 13, 2017


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Portolano, Slouchy Cashmere Beanie | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Picks
More Colors Available
Isaac Mizrahi Live! 2-Ply Cashmere Wrap - A267921
More Colors Available
Cashmere Tech Gloves | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Picks

Slouchy Beanie

Isaac Mizrahi
2 Ply Cashmere Wrap

Tech Gloves


Cashmere is one of the softest natural fibers available. A favorite with upscale, professional women it is often found in high end designer accessories with a classic modern style. Pashmina wraps are particularly sought after.  Those with embroidery and patterns make lovely special occasion wear and can work well with more contemporary or bohemian style wardrobes.

Summer weight cashmere accessories can be mixed with silk, while winter weight are sometimes mixed with other wools.  2-Ply is the most common, although lighter weights work well for warmer weather, and 3-Ply is the ultimate in luxury.

Cashmere cold weather accessories, along with cashmere sweaters,  are particularly popular during the Christmas shopping season as a luxury holiday gift item.  These include lined leather gloves, knit socks, scarves, hats, and sometimes even items such as cashmere sleep robes and slippers.


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Hand Woven Cashmere Shawl | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available 
Hickey Freeman, Paisley Scarf | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Striped Cashmere Wrap | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Carolyn Rowan, Crystal Pave Cuff Fingerless Cashmere Gloves | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Hand Woven
Cashmere Shawl
80" x 40"

Hickey Freeman
Paisley Scarf


Cashmere Wrap
36" x 80"

Carolyn Rowan
Pave Crystal Cuff
Fingerless Gloves


Internet Shopping Resources for Cashmere Accessories


Mainly a seasonal item, most shops only carry cashmere in the fall to winter shopping seasons, with the most available in the run up to Christmas.  Summer weight cashmeres are from time to time used, mainly as blends with other natural fibers such as cotton.   These are often available at boutiques and retailers that feature hand-crafted items from artisans from around the world.  The best of the latter is Novica which is part of National Geographic and emphasizes Fair Trade practices.  QVC is another spot where cashmere is sold all year, often at full 2-ply winter weights.


The best fall and winter shopping places for luxury accessories, including items such as cashmere lined leather gloves, wraps,  and scarves are mainly the upscale department stores.  In addition to well known designer names, they often also carry both in-house labels and selections from mills that specialize in fine wools.  Neiman Marcus has the deepest and most luxurious collection, including shawls and capes that are often generously enough proportioned for larger figures.


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Embellished Pom Pom Beanie | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Picks
More Colors Available 
Pearl Embellished Cashmere Blend Gloves | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
Honeycomb Knit Cashmere Scarf | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Cashmere Socks | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Pom Pom Beanie

Pearl Embellished
Cashmere Gloves

Honeycomb Knit
Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere Socks



Nordstrom Rack is the place to look during the holidays for quality scarves, gloves, hats, and wraps at discount places. Those looking for top shelf designer brands and luxury quality cashmere at bargain price tags will want to stop in at Saks Off Fifth and Last Call.






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