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Elegant Plus Shopping Guide & Editor's Picks:  Unique, BoHo, & Vintage Style Accessories

Please be advised that all of the "Editor's Picks" featured in this section are hand-selected by Elegant Plus.  Although every effort is made to keep featured products current, retailers can sell out of popular styles before the Editor has had an opportunity to update the page.  All selections are available at time of posting and purchases can be made directly from the retailer on the associated shopping link.  All of the shopping guides include designer selections which are noted with the designer's name in descriptions.


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Last Update: June 16, 2016


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Accessories @ ModCloth

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing & Accessories @ Soft Surroundings

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Accessories & Jewelry @ North Style


Floral Trim Hat | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Picks

Turquoise Tassel Earrings | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Embroidered Accent Sandals, European Sizes | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Floral Trim Hat

Turquoise Tassel Earrings

Embroidered Accent Sandals
European Size 37 - 42

BoHo Accessories, Jewelry & Shoes Report

Accessories are the true key to defining any look or signature style.  Nobody knows that better than the Bohemian princesses who load up on unusual and artful accessories that express their inner personality. 

Natural materials from shell to stone to fabrics and leathers are often favored.  Inspirations are drawn from ethnic traditions from around the world to create a truly global style. Hand-made, artisanal details often play an important role. Vintage style influences can sometimes give a romantic edge.  Beading, sequins, and embroidery all play prominent roles.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus Fashion @ Catherines

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  BoHo Fashion @ Pyramid Collection

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Fashion @ Nordstrom Rack

Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Western Fashion @ Back in the Saddle

Chiffon Waterfall Vest, One Size Plus to 5X | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick

Floral Hair Jewerly | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Fringed Tile Print Ruana | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Turquoise Trim Cowgirl Hat | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick

Chiffon Waterfall Vest
One Size Plus to 5X

Floral Hair Jewelry

Fringed Tile Print Ruana

Turquoise Trim
Cowgirl Hat


If any style tribe knows how to layer and mix patterns, textures, colors, and materials to create a truly unique and eclectic look, it would be the BoHo fashionistas.  Scarves can layer another pattern or texture.  Jewelry is often hand crafted or globally inspired by ethnic craftsmen. 

Kimonos, capes, and ruana wraps have been trending in mainstream fashion for several years, and can be found at many different types of retailers.  Styles are ranging from Southwest blanket prints to fringed piano shawl styles, along with folkloric embroidered and natural fiber and hand crafted looks.

Particularly challenging items to find for plus-sizes are belts, leggings, tights and wide-calf boots that are important to this look.  Longer necklaces and scarves, larger ring sizes, and bracelets that fit larger wrists can also be hard-to-find.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Scarves & Wraps @ Nordstrom Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Designer Accessories @ Novica Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothes & Accessories @ Monroe & Main Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothes & Accessories @ Serengeti

Bandana Silk Scarf | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Picks
More Colors Available 

Hand Crafted Wooden Elephant Necklace | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Hand Painted Floral Leather Bag | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Shell & Glass Bead Coil Bracelet | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Bandana Silk Scarf
43" x  43"

Artisan Crafted
Wooden Elephant Necklace
27" Long

Hand Painted Floral Leather
 Cross Body Bag

Shell & Glass Bead
Coil Stretch Bracelet


Internet Shopping Resources for BoHo Accessories

One the best places around for unique, one of a kind, hand crafted items from around the world is Novica.  A National Geographic company, they support independent artisans with Fair Trade arrangements.  Each one has a bio so you can learn more about their story.  This is a fantastic place for jewelry, scarves, and bags.  Quantities are limited so you will be sure to find something truly unique and unusual.

Those who need longer necklaces and larger ring sizes will find a wide variety of jewelry at QVC.  The inventory is huge and the styles incredibly varied.  This is a great spot for hand bags, and funky items such as patterned or luxury fiber socks such as cashmere, too.  Price points run the gamut from very affordable to pricy, but many also have installment payment plans available.

Looking for flowers for your hair, jazzy Art Deco and flower child hair ornaments, and fun items such as hats, snoods and fascinators?  The spots to look are Mod Cloth and Unique Vintage, which both also have funky and off beat collections of shoes. Those searching for Western twist can find fancy cowgirl hats, belt buckles, and boot jewelry with plenty of bling at Back in the Saddle.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Accessories @ Lane Bryant Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Fashion @ QVC Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Accessories @ Draper's & Damon's Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Plus-Size Fashion @ Rue 21
Tassel Tie Belt, Size 14 - 24W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Nordic Stripe Socks | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available
Scarf Vest | Elegant Plus Editor's Pick Floral Crown | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available

Tassel Tie Belt
Size 14 - 24W

Nordic Stripe Socks
One Size 9 - 11 Wide

Paisley Print Scarf Vest

Floral Crown


One of the best spots for eclectic finds is eBay, generally, where you can find ethnic jewelry from around the world, scarves, shoes, bags, and anything you can imagine.  Some is hand crafted. Some is vintage.  Some is just gorgeous and fun.   One of our favorite shops is Maya Boutique where burnout silk velvet kimonos, scarves, and poncho tops in sizes that fit up to 5X are a specialty.  They also carry cashmere capes in the same sizes.  Both are fantastic art-to-wear pieces favored by bohemian fashionistas.

The North Style catalog has a few bohemian fashion finds, but it's their accessories inventory that really shines.  Hand painted leather shoes, funky folk pattern socks, tooled leather bags, and both winter and all year patterned scarfs at moderate prices are worth the stop.  Portland based Sahalie is another spot for fabulous shoe and boot finds, gorgeous bohemian patterned scarves, bags, and fun artisan inspired jewelry. 

Soft Surroundings is a growing Midwest boutique chain that specializes in relaxed Bohemian inspired looks in soft, natural fibers.  Complimenting the main collections is a particularly good selection jewelry, shoes, and other accessories.  Prices range from moderate to slightly pricy with jewelry often fashioned in natural materials.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Designer Accessories @ Ashro Let's Shop! Elegant Plus:  Plus-Size Fashion @ Zappos Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Clothing & Accessories @ Lord & Taylor Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: BoHo Clothes & Accessories @ Asos
Ankle Bracelet | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Styles / Colors Available
Fringed Bandana Scarf | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Betsey Johnson, Seashell Earrings | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Hamsa Purse Belt, Size 18 - 24W | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Ankle Bracelet
11 "


Fringed Bandana Scarf
64" x  21"

Betsey Johnson
Seashell Earrings

Hamsa Purse Belt
Size 18 - 24W


Coldwater Creek has long had an artisan edge to their detailing making them a favorite stop for many looking for jewelry and accessories.  Jewelry has long been their strength, but the patterned scarfs, bags, and felt hats are also worthwhile.  

Trendy retailers such as Torrid and Rue 21 are the spots to find  plus-size leggings.  Torrid's inventory leans towards a gothier look but can sometimes stock hard-to-find items such as lace leggings in size XL to 6X.  Rue 21 has a constantly changing inventory, but folk patterns and bohemian prints are regularly turning up at hard to beat prices for size 1X to 3X.

Pyramid Collection has a darker, more romantic and vintage edge to their accessories. Meanwhile, Ashro is the go to spot for dramatic, statement jewelry including bib necklaces.


Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Designer Accessories @ Dillard's Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Women's Fashion @ Torrid Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: Maya Boutique @ EBay Let's Shop! Elegant Plus: BoHo Clothes & Accessories @ Sahalie
Lace Up Gladiator Sandals | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick
More Colors Available
Crochet Floppy Hat | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Embroidered Silk Piano Shawl | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick Hand Tooled Leather Messenger Bag | ElegantPlus.com Editor's Pick

Lace Up Gladiator Sandals
Size 5 - 11M


Crochet Floppy Hat

Embroidered Silk
Piano Shawl
61" x 61" + 8" Fringe

Hand Tooled
Leather Messenger Bag
51" x 12"


  Meaningful Gifts at NOVICA  



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