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Your Favorite Internet Shopping Guide to Stylish Plus-Size Clothes: Size 12 +

Elegant Plus
Plus-Size Clothes Internet Shopping
Specializing in Women's Sizes 12 and up

As one of the longest running full-figured shopping resource sites on the internet,
Elegant Plus is able to draw together hundreds of expertly reviewed e-commerce listings available in size 12 and over ready to ship directly to you!  The Shopping Directories listed below are broken down according to style, occasion, and clothing type to help you better locate clothes to suit your specific needs and tastes. Even more in depth shopping guides are also available for more detailed topics, here.


Saks Fifth Avenue
Editor's Pick

Designer Clothes

High end designer fashion is becoming more available in extended sizes above 12, but it is still rare to find any at upscale, premium, ready-to-wear labels in sizes beyond 24W.

Mid priced indie designers, however, are expanding the size range available, while diffusion lines and designer collaboration capsule collections are amping up style at more moderate levels.

As the women's plus-size apparel market continues to diversify a greater number of designer choices in a variety of styles are becoming available, especially on-line.

Let's Shop! Designer Plus-Size Shopping Resources @ Elegant Plus

Plus-Size Contemporary Clothing @ Kiyonna
Editor's Pick

Contemporary Plus-Size Clothes

Contemporary clothing is characterized by fashion forward details without being too trendy, and is grown-up stylish looks favored by women not teenagers.  Professional women particularly like this fashion style when shopping for pieces to update their working wardrobes and supplementing more classic pieces like black pants and crisp white shirts.                    

Better quality fabrics tend to be more available in contemporary plus-size clothing, in addition to selections from more upscale designers. 


Let's Shop! Contemporary Clothes Shopping Resources @ Elegant Plus

Shop for Unique BoHo, Vintage & Retro Style Plus-Size Clothing @ The Pyramid Collection
Editor's Pick

Artsy, BoHo, Vintage,
and Unique Styles

If you dare to be a little different, the internet opens up a realm of possibilities full of gorgeous embellishments, beads, embroidery, and pattern.   Want a nostalgic look of the gorgeously curvaceous pin-up, romantic steampunk and goth style, and it can be even harder, especially in sizes over 12.

This plus-size clothing shopping directory is dedicated to you: the full-figured diva who craves a unique look all her own Some of these styles trend in and out of mainstream fashion, so additional resources may also be found in the Trendy Fashion Shopping Directory.

Let's Shop! BoHoShopping Resources @ Elegant Plus



Editor's Pick

Cute Trendy
Plus-Size Clothes

Fast Fashion dominates the trendy clothing space with low prices and inventory that rotates and sells out quickly.  Runway trends will appear here first in the mass market space, often modified to suit teen and twenty-something tastes and budgets. 

Sizing can either be junior plus or women's, with style no longer dictating the sizing and fit system, so be sure to check charts carefully before ordering.

Department stores at all price points are updating looks to be more fashion and trend conscious in plus size lines.

Let's Shop! Trendy Fashion Shopping Resources @ Elegant Plus

Editor's Pick

Classic Full-Figured Clothing

Classic clothes are meant to last in both style and wear.  For the natural fiber girls these shops also often carry cottons, wools and other natural fabrics.  Even for those with a trendier style, classic clothing is a great wardrobe staple builder; for example, those crisp cotton shirts that are our favorite old fashioned friends with jeans or under a suit blazer  are usually plentiful in these stores. Casual, core basics are especially well represented here for women who prefer sportier looks. Those who like modern classics that are more trend conscious may prefer the Contemporary Clothing Shopping Directory.

Let's Shop! Classic Clothing Shopping Resources @ Elegant Plus

Plus-Size Professional and Career Clothing @ Lord & Taylor
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Work Clothes

Plus-size professional work clothing covers a range of styles and price points depending on industry.  More conservative offices and job interviews still require tailored suits or dresses, while more relaxed office environments allow for greater ranges of personal style.  Creative work places can mean a greater inclusion of separates, trends, colors and patterns.  Most offices, however, do require professional attire to remain more modest than some of the more revealing current trends and looks can be somewhat conservative.  This directory offers options at a wide variety of price points and includes styles suitable for a variety of professions and industries.  

Let's Shop! Professional & Career Clothes Shopping Resources @ Elegant Plus

SHOP SPECIAL OCCASION WEAR - Free Shipping Free Returns Everyday
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Cocktail Dresses & Formalwear

Special occasions ranging from office holiday parties, proms and homecoming, special anniversaries, class reunions, upscale black-tie gala events, military balls, and wedding invitations can find full-figured women frantically searching for just the right formal gown or cocktail dress. Options are limited in most locations off-line, with special orders that can take weeks at most formalwear shops.  Cocktail dresses are easiest to find on the rack of many department stores, but that is often seasonal.  Fortunately the situation on-line is much better with options available for a wide variety of styles, tastes, and budgets.  Order times, even for customized looks, are usually very quick.  

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Evening Gowns, Cocktail Dresses & Formalwear @ Elegant Plus

Wedding and Bridal Shopping Resources @ Light in the Box
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Wedding Gowns
& Bridal

Shopping resources for the entire wedding party including the bride, bridesmaids, and mother-of-the bride.  Many formalwear retailers listed have offerings in both misses and plus-sizes so the whole bridal party can be outfitted in matching dresses.  Options for large, formal weddings in addition to more casual affairs and theme weddings.

Accessories, undergarments, and other related wedding shopping resources are also available here. 


Let's Shop! Wedding and Bridal Shopping Resources @ Elegant Plus


Plus-Size Jeans @ Macy's
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Dresses

Plus-size dresses have become one of the most popular and sought after clothing items across all age groups, budgets, and tastes. No longer simply worn for special occasions or work, they are popular choices for casual weekend and resort vacation wear, as well. 

 In spite of this, dresses are still remarkably difficult to find in larger sizes off-line.  Fortunately the internet is a wonderful shopping resource with especially deep inventories at both major department store web sites and several chain retailers. 


Let's Shop! Plus-Size Dresses Shopping Directory @ Elegant Plus

Shop Now at!
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Jeans & Denim

The holy grail of shopping for most women is finding the perfect pair of jeans. Full-figured women come in an even greater variety of shapes than thinner counter parts, making jean shopping more challenging for many. 

While some styles work better for some figure types than others, the silhouette often isn't as important as cut and proportions.  Even apple body types can look fantastic in the right pair of skinny jeans.  Dark washes are among the most popular, but more and more options are available to fit curvy figures in other finishes, colors, washes, embellishments, and even patterns.   Prices range from value for basic denim to upscale for designer looks.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Jeans @ Elegant Plus

Big & Tall & Plus Sizes Now Available At!
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Outerwear:
Coats, Jackets & Parkas

Not simply a fashion statement but a practical necessity for many, the outerwear category is perhaps among the most diverse and size inclusive.  Styles in even the largest super sizes range from practical, sporty looks good for even the coldest of winter climates to more sophisticated and chic looks appropriate for commuting to work  or going out in the evening.  Faux and genuine suede and leather looks are easily found through internet retailers in the full size range, in addition to classics such as trench coats, denim jackets, down parkas, and wool peacoats.  Upscale and luxury designer labels are becoming more available through department stores while fast fashion retailers are expanding trendy, budget friendly options.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Outerwear @ Elegant Plus

Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Sleepwear:
Pajamas, Night Gowns, Sleep Chemise

While many are happy sleeping in leggings, sweats, or tees many others prefer and appreciate everything from comfortable, novelty pajamas to feminine sleep chemise and nightgowns. Remarkably difficult to find off-line, plus-size sleepwear has become easier to locate, especially through plus specialty retailers.  Some upscale, designer sleep lines have also expanded into the full-figured market in recent years, offering premium cotton, silk and other luxury fibers and finishes. Robes are easiest to find during the holiday shopping and gift giving season, but limited options can be found all year in most sizes.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Sleepwear @ Elegant Plus

Plus-Size Activewear @ Lane Bryant
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Activewear
Work-Out Clothing and Sports Apparel

One of the biggest myths in popular culture is that large people neither work-out nor want active styles.  Neither could be further from the truth.  In spite of the attitudes of some of the most status-conscious yoga and activewear companies, this is one of the fastest growing segments of the plus market as women continue to look for styles suitable for both casual, busy lifestyles and exercise routines. Some specialty needs exist, such as full-figured sports bras which are a necessity for comfort during exercise.  While some women are comfortable in sleek, figure baring styles which are growing in popularity in larger sizes, others are still looking for options such as longer length tees. Yoga and zumba dance apparel is especially sought after, in addition to gym appropriate work-out attire.  Athletic types are also looking for options suitable to specific sports such as golf, skiing, team sports, and running, to name a few.  Specialty footwear is also in demand.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Active Wear @ Elegant Plus

Plus-Size Swimwear @ Swimsuits for All
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Swimwear
Tankinis, Maillots, Fatkinis & Swim Dresses

Plus-size swimwear has become an extremely diverse and competitive on-line shopping category in recent years.  Gone are the days of ugly prints and voluminous styles meant to hide rather than enhance figures.  For the most body confident two piece "Fatkini" and bikini styles are some of the most sought after.
Swim dresses have become cuter and flirtier, one piece bathing suits sleeker, and tankinis among the easiest styles to find.  Swimsuits with built in bras and underwire support are still under-represented styles, but options are improving.  Athletic style maillots which are popular with both sports team swimmers and other who swim laps for exercise are more readily available in even the largest of sizes. Higher end suits also often have figure slimming technologies and support making their extra cost worth the investment for those who appreciate sleeker looks.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Swimwear @ Elegant Plus

Editor's Pick

Plus-Size T-Shirts

A staple in most modern wardrobes tees can, of course, be part of a basic work-out wardrobe; but they are so much more than that.  The right tee with a favorite pair of jeans adds personality.  Mixed and layered with a variety of looks they can convey a dressed down modern classic feel, an edgy rocker look, a sweetly feminine style, or a trendy youthful vibe.

No longer relegated to boxy unisex styles, curvy women can acquire wardrobes full of figure-flattering t-shirts to suit every mood and taste.  Price points range from basic values to upscale designer tees in premium knits.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Tees @ Elegant Plus

Shop Plus-Size Bras, Panties & Lingerie @ Her Room
Editor's Pick

Bras, Intimates,
and Plus-Size Lingerie

Exceptionally full-figured women have always had a challenging time finding bras to fit, and often had to settle for simple basics.  Internet shopping has provided many more resources for both hard-to-find cup and band sizes.  A growing number of U.S. retailers are beginning to understand the demand for more stylish, not just supportive options.  European retailers have long catered to voluptuous women who enjoy under things that make the most of their curves and growing number of them are now shipping to the U.S., as well.  Specialty bras such as sports bras, nursing bras, and mastectomy bras can also be found in larger sizes on-line. Sexy lingerie needs are also better served through e-commerce than in most brick-and-mortar retail establishments.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Bras, Panties & Lingerie @ Elegant Plus

Bare Necessities
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Shapewear

Most curvy fashionistas can tell you that one of the keys to getting many looks right has everything to do with the right foundation garments.  Professional models swear by certain brands and styles of shapewear.  Formalwear of any type is almost guaranteed to be a disaster without it.  Smoothing body lines and creating the "right" shape is fundamental to many fashionable silhouettes.  Manufactured from firm control fabrics these garments often run small, and it's not unusual to need to size up from your regular dress size in order to get them on.  Consequently, the very limited size ranges in most off-line retail destinations can be frustrating.  Fortunately the internet offers brands and retailers with sizes up to 10X.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Shapewear @ Elegant Plus

Plus-Size Hosiery and Tights @ We Love Colors
Editor's Pick

Plus-Size Tights,
Socks, & Pantyhose

From practical day sheers to go with a tailored business suit to fantastic patterns and colors to layer in fun casual moments, it can be very challenging to find tights and pantyhose in larger than a simple Queen Size.  Recent years have seen a growth in options, especially during the cooler fall and winter months with size availability as large as 8X on the internet.  In addition to popular choices such as fishnet stockings and bow top thigh highs for wedding celebrations, more practical options in neutrals and solids are also available.  Some styles have built in shapewear and control tops for body smoothing lines, and footless tights are popular as a lightweight option to minimize chaffing under long skirts in summer months.

Specialty items such as soft, wide ankle socks for diabetics and wide-calf dress socks, natural fiber winter boot liners, and sports socks can also be found in this internet shopping directory.

Let's Shop! Plus-Size Pantyhose, Tights, Thigh Highs, Stockings & Socks @ Elegant Plus

Shop for Large Size and Wide-Width Shoes & Boots @
Editor's Pick

Shoes and Boots
Wide-Widths, Larger Sizes, &
 Plus Calves

Although the average American shoe size is getting larger, most brick-and-mortar shoe retailers offer limited, basic options in sizes larger than 10 or wide-widths.   Wide-calf boots are virtually impossible to find off-line.  Fortunately with the growth of e-commerce a number of well-established super stores devoted exclusively to shoes and accessories have sprung up, in addition to specialty clothing retailers with larger shoe sizes to complement their offerings.  Here you can find a variety of options to fit from trendy to practical, for both wide-widths and larger foot sizes.  High end, luxury designer shoes are still a rarity larger than size 10 but there are a few here and there. 

If you need wide-calf boots be sure to check the Elegant Plus measuring guide before ordering to minimize the risk of returns.

Let's Shop! Large Size & Wide-Width Shoes & Boots @ Elegant Plus

Plus-Size Clothing from Department Store, Dillard's
Editor's Pick

Department Stores

More and department stores of all price points from value priced to luxury level are including women's departments in size 14 to 24W.  While some have options available for purchase in their brick-and-mortar locations, many only offer a handful of styles or only in a limited number of locations.  Furthermore, some locations may carry different styles from one another.

On-line the situation is much deeper and diverse.  Several major department stores are especially good for large collections of dresses and special occasion wear, while others are particularly good for more conservative, professional work clothes.  While still others carry excellent collections of trendy, casual, or denim styles.

Many times designer labels that are difficult to find elsewhere in larger sizes are available on-line from the luxury retailers.  For those that offer extended sizes in the size 12 to 18 range, they are often racked in the "Misses" section, while those available in the full size 14 to 24W size range will be available under the plus size tab.

Let's Shop! Department Stores @ Elegant Plus

Extended Sizing

New! Elegant Plus Sizing Report: What are the differences among plus-size clothing cuts?

Fashion to customize for plus petites, plus talls and super sizes @ eShakti
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International Shipping

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