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Your Favorite Internet Shopping Guide to Stylish Plus-Size Clothing: Sizes 12 +


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Plus-Size Swimwear Figure & Fit Guide


A long time advocate of Health at Every Size, Elegant Plus has always made it a point to help plus-size women find clothing that enables them to have active lifestyles.  Based on the idea that all bodies, regardless of size, need pleasurable ways to stay fit we encourage women of all shapes and sizes to find and participate in a wide variety of sports and activities involving movement.

The fact is that the average woman wears smaller plus-sizes in the USA: somewhere between a 12 and an 18.  Contrary to popular belief, many well-muscled body types are even healthiest in larger sizes. Yet the fitness industry perpetuates the fashion industry's myth that healthy female bodies are always ultra-thin with elitist labels and brands, airbrushed marketing images, and slight, elongated figures held up as the ideal.  This is a problem as more and more girls are encouraged to play sports and continue active lifestyles into adulthood.

Resources for a HAES Lifestyle

Plus-size activewear is one of the fastest growing segments in the apparel industry today, yet many brick-and-mortar retailers fail to carry sizes larger than a L or XL with the sad, mistaken belief that larger people are neither fit nor want to engage in active lifestyles.  Practical swimwear for laps and beach sports can also be more challenging to find in local brick & mortar stores especially during the fall and winter months.

Bras & Intimates

Sports bras may be one of the most important pieces of fitness apparel for plus-size women.  Without them, many full-figured women cannot exercise safely and comfortably. This extensive directory of bra and intimate retailers carry bras in a wide variety of styles for large figures. The lingerie specialty retailers are especially good resources for hard-to-fit bras of all types, including sports.






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