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Your Favorite Internet Shopping Guide to Stylish Plus-Size Clothing: Size 12 +



Although over 65% of women in the United States wear larger than a size 12, "plus size" clothing
is still remarkably difficult to find.  Many designers and retailers would rather go out of business than
either carry or market their larger size selections.  Elegant Plus was established fifteen years ago to help
American women who wear the most common sizes find style options to fit their curves beyond the handful of
national specialty retailers that are best known.  At the same time, we focus on well established
retailers with credible records for consumer satisfaction, and will only rarely after careful vetting recommend independent designers or start ups.  In our experience, this policy is best for consumer safety.

Since the designers and retailers willing to extend sizes fluctuates
constantly, the web is the ideal place to present and collate the current options in plus size fashion
with real time and constant maintenance that is possible in this format. 
Still "old school" everything featured on the site is edited by a real and experienced human without algorithms,
automated data feeds, or, artificial intelligence apps. 

As the fast fashion industry has sped up collection cycles for the industry as a whole,
 this means there can be some lag in updates and availability. A time stamp is available on each Shopping Guide page indicating the date when the page was last updated.  All selections are available at time of update, and every effort is made to feature stock currently in retailer inventories.

** Please note:  Elegant Plus does not take special requests from retailers for placements, or accept sponsored posts, as this site was founded as a consumer centered and industry tracking project.
Products are reviewed on a secret shopper basis only.



Q. How do I make a return?

A. You may have initially found the item you purchased through Elegant Plus, but we are a shopping guide and not a vendor. You will need to contact the merchant you bought the item from to make your return.


Q. Do you have any retail locations?

A.  No.  Elegant Plus is based exclusively in the United States as a shopping guide website only.  Although we welcome international shoppers, we have no offices, branches, or retail locations outside the U.S.


Q. I don't live in the United States. Do any of the plus-size clothing stores listed in your directories ship internationally?

A. Yes! We've put together handy directories to help you find stores that ship to your location. Select the one that is right for you to get started: 

Canada | Other International Destinations

Please remember that extra shipping charges usually apply and that you will be responsible for any customs duties and other taxes required by your country.


Q. Do you have a print catalog?

A. Since Elegant Plus is an internet shopping guide and not a direct merchant we do not have a catalog. We have  business relationships with all the retailers and designers listed in our shopping directories. We are an on-line entity only. Many of our business partners do have print catalogs and you are welcome to order one directly from them.


Q. I'd like to join your mailing list.  How do I do that and what are the benefits and features?

A.  Thank you for your interest!  The mailing list has been suspended. Please feel free to sign up for the mailing lists belonging to many of our wonderful plus fashion partners found throughout the website.


Q. I'd like to follow you on social media.  Where can I find you?

A.  Although in the past Elegant Plus has had accounts and followings on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, and YahooGroups, there currently is no active social media presence for Elegant Plus.   Any accounts or groups you encounter in those spaces actively using the Elegant Plus name are not affiliated with this website.  The Elegant Plus Pinterest and Twitter accounts are still visible on those platforms but are currently inactive.


Q. Where can I find Elegant Plus Magazine?

A.  The associated Elegant Plus Magazine e-zine closed permanently in 2008, and the domain is no longer live.   Elegant Plus has archived some of the best articles and staff directory on this website HERE


Q. I click on a link and nothing happens. Why don't the links work?

A.  Do you have a pop up blocker as an app or in your browser? Check to see if the blocker is mistaking our links - which open in new windows -  as a pop up. Most blockers allow you to permit pop ups on a site. You may need to adjust your settings.

Q. All these pop-up ads keep coming up all over my screen with coupons and advertising. How can I turn this feature off?

A.   While many of our links are set to open in new windows to make shopping easier as you click through our plus-size clothing directories, we have a strict policy against using pop-up advertising.  We are annoyed by such advertising behavior on sites and refuse to subject our customers to such tactics. 

If you are seeing pop-ups over our pages you have in-advertently down-loaded a parasitic, spy-ware program or app onto your device known as "adware".  These are often bundled with "free" downloads such as music, weather programs, screen savers and coupon shopping tools. 

These programs work by living on your hardware, watching your web-surfing, sending messages back  to their home server which then sends advertising related to the web pages that you are currently viewing as a pop-up. If this sounds like spying..... it is.  And the bad news isn't over yet. 

A free tool to locate, diagnose and clean up these types of problems that we recommend is available from Trend Micro. One word of caution - be careful not to delete any cookies that might be present because you asked to save a password or some other frequently performed log-in function. The threat you should be concerned about here will be labeled as "ADWARE" in the finished scan before you ask the program to clean your computer.


Q. I'd like to model for Elegant Plus. How do I submit my pictures?

A.  Thank you for your interest. Elegant Plus is not currently looking for models. 


Q. I'd like to submit a product for review at Elegant Plus. Where should I send my request and product?

A.  Thank you for your interest. Elegant Plus does not accept free products for review or sponsored post requests.








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