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Your Internet Shopping Guide to Stylish Curvy Clothing: Sizes 12 +


DID YOU KNOW?  The average size in the USA is a 16, with the average woman standing 5'4". Approximately two-thirds of American women wear sizes 12 and up, yet the plus-size clothing market makes up just 18% of apparel sales in the United States.  This makes the most commonly worn sizes in America some of the hardest to find.

Elegant Plus is exclusively a U.S. Based Company & Website

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Founded in 2002, Elegant Plus is one of the longest running U.S. based fashion information sites on the internet specializing in the under served "plus size" market.   It was created to help the curvy woman find style options that suit her individual taste and lifestyle beyond what is commonly available locally in her home-town.  Since then plus-size fashion has exploded on the internet with the best and most diverse range of options on-line and accessible at the click of a mouse. Whether you are looking for trend conscious contemporary fashion, high end designer looks, or classic career styles the assortments in recent years have improved dramatically.  Focus at Elegant Plus is on the middle to upscale parts of the market, with a limited number of well-known retailers at lower price points included for those who are on tighter budgets.


Purchases are made directly with the retailers listed throughout our shopping guides which are vetted by the editor for security and user experience, and include many well known and established brands.   Elegant Plus is committed to maintaining directories to ensure shoppers the safest and most secure e-commerce experience possible. 



Elegant Plus mainly serves the U.S. market.  Many shops listed ship internationally, especially to Canada, Australia, the U.K. and parts of Europe. Please consult individual retailers for international shipping policies and fees. There are no physical retail locations in the United States or abroad. Although Elegant Plus welcomes international shoppers, there are no, and never have been any affiliated or associated offices or employees outside the United States since the founding in 2002.



The associated plus-size internet fashion and lifestyle magazine Elegant Plus Magazine was closed permanently in 2008, while the main shopping guides and directories remained open on this domain.  An archive of some of the best articles and the regular contributor directory for the magazine portion only is available HERE.


Elegant Plus is not currently active on any social media platforms.  Some long-time followers may remember the accounts and wonderful fashion discussions over the years on YahooGroups, YahooAnswers, MySpace, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter all run by the Managing Editor.  All have been closed or archived as inactive. 

Any entities with similar sounding names on these platforms are not owned or run by any representatives of this website.



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